Car Mechanics


Domestic Auto Repair

At Allendale Auto Service, we offer a wide range of services for your car. Our car service will provide you a full written report and includes a full safety check of all lights, electrical equipment, brake system, suspension and steering. 

All fluid levels are checked. Brakes are cleaned and adjusted where applicable, tires (including the spare tire) are checked for condition and pressure.  Engine oil and oil filter is changed using quality parts, air is checked and cleaned. Wiper blades are replaced if necessary and the vehicle is road tested. Manufacturer log book servicing can also be done to manufactures specifications and using correct parts to maintain your new car warranty. 

Fleet Maintenance and Repair

We have extensive experience in fleet servicing and you can depend on us to take care of all the details involved in maintaining your fleet cars.

Our team of professional technicians are experienced in both mechanical and automotive electrical diagnostic testing procedures, so we can offer complete fleet servicing.

A main priority of fleet management is to keep your fleet and your business moving. Proper maintenance of a vehicle used for business purpose is a critical issue for most companies. We understand that to maximize the effectiveness of sales, service, and delivery operations, fleet vehicles need to stay on the road with minimum down time.

Trust Allendale Auto Service to get the job done on time!